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There are tons of players who would like to buy them in Path of Exile

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    One of the most intriguing choices Grinding Gear Games (GGG) made when structuring the center mechanics of POE was evacuating the gold It is all around acknowledged and expected that any RPG has some type of essential cash that everything can be exchanged for - the notorious "gold coins". The trademark that characterizes "gold" is that it's the central exchanging money, yet in addition that it has no inherent usefulness - hence its worth is characterized exclusively by the other important assets/things a player can purchase with it.

    Any game where beasts every so often drop plunder and additionally gold when crushed has an innate expansion system: the measure of absolute gold on the planet is continually expanding basically through players playing the game Consequently, the estimation of every gold coin lessens - except if there are "cash sinks" worked in the game world economy that normally expel a portion of the inundation of gold from beast plunder (gear once in a while requiring expensive fixes by a NPC is a well known case of such a sink - however maybe not the best game plan).