There are so many EA games and possessions outside its own 3 sport games Cover Image


There are so many EA games and possessions outside its own 3 sport games

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    There are so many EA games and possessions outside its own 3 sport games. If you have read the patent (I have) you would understand their examples discuss racing games versus CPU (rubber banding), AI in shooters, and mobile games like Sweet Crush. You know that the patent mentions nothing about the chance of being executed in an internet or Peer or DDA present. There's not one mention or illustration of any sports titles. Call me gullible all you'd like, but at least be knowledgeable on your beliefs. EA sucks, bar none.

    They are a shitty business that make (usually) lackluster games full of egotistical and evil practices like micro transactions and content behind pay walls. But should you would like to tell me there's some hidden system in place making players respond and perform in Madden 20, you're likely to need to prove that to me. They used Fifa as an example. They really have it DOCUMENTED that a participant could be strongly influenced to purchase more in game micro trades by changing the difficulty (patent: dynamic issue ) and gameplay expertise by providing one players group an advantage or BOOST. Im.

    I understand that you did not know, but, PLEASE open your eyes. These links demonstrate how EA THEM SELVES describe DDA in an online environment. Dont assist this scum bag business. You're posting a yo momma video that DDA exists in Madden? Come on guy. The information is there for you. Madden or Fifa 0 outcomes, console - 0 results, online - 1 result, cellular - 3 outcomes (of which explain their patent is relating to mobile games similar to candies crush. Please don't tell me to open my eyes once you're ignorant to the actual proof facing you.

    Let's have a conversation about Madden Mobile 21

    Hey all! MUTMan here. When there's been one set of quality articles I fell on YouTube or this subreddit, it was my Madden Mobile 20 Sneak Peak summaries. I will be producing exactly the same articles this season (hopefully within one hour of this livestream ending), so if you're unable to make it to all those streams I will have all the info lined up for you. However, before we get our info ditch of the year on Monday, I wanna talk around three things that ABSOLUTELY will need to alter to create MM21 any great.

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