There's still a place to drink at Meyerditch... Lord Vanstrom Cover Image


There's still a place to drink at Meyerditch... Lord Vanstrom

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    Vanstrom is now no threat. Charos is. You don't seem to know much about Charos. Charos? Oh, I'm remembering something.... Veliaf! I just heard that there's a huge vampyre calling for [your exact name] in Canifis right at the moment. My Ivandis Flail, and I are prepared.

    There's still a place to drink at Meyerditch... Lord Vanstrom. This is the Sector Four. My Lord! If you could comprehend the reason we're mortal to the Myreque, then Lord Drakan may grant you favor. I am aware of an agent of the Myreque in a small town to the east of Mortton right near where our armies defeated their six brothers.

    I'm not able to go. Drakan asks that the inventory be reviewed immediately. We should then go to the Myreque Agent. After the dramatic cutscene has ended, you can head to Canifis. Teleporting with Ancients will be the fastest. Once there, talk to the various residents, but you won't get much out of them. Go to Mazcha instead. There's nothing you can expect from him. Get an ring of Charos and request Mazcha to offer you ten thousand gp no cost.

    This is so funny. You know that I am not insignificant. I want to know how you do this. This ring. It should be known that it was enchanted by someone who wasn't reliable with the pow. That is the ring of Charos! Charos is who? He was the previous ruler in this area of Morytania. But he got into an argument with me, and I remanded him to his lord. Malak has been in control of Canifis since.

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