The courses also appear to all be balanced
The courses also appear to all be balanced Jul 13

The courses also appear to all be balanced

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The courses also appear to all be balanced, actually. Even the paid one is not needed to get fun, it's just different. Along with the Living Globe updates are a Whole Lot of fun

My buddy told me to play WoW together with himand I decided to give it a go. And pretty certain we hit the"you need to grind for quite a while or get X people to assist you" wall. I got him GW2, instead

I tried wow because the guild I hang on ffxiv started there. I went in and it was okay to begin with. I ended up at a pursuit that took me to a dungeon and that I needed to stop as I needed to lfg to get to it, and if I got the guild to combine they had been too over levelled and one shot everything.

Ffxiv syncs everyone to the dungeon level and contains a quick four party dungeon finder/queue system, which can be such a fantastic quality of life thing which it is a cinch to solo/group when as you want.

Mahbe wow does this now, but it was such an oversight back when I attempted it, like it is such an obvious thing to include to ensure everyone can hit the identical story beats.

This is why WoW is becoming so shitty and getting just as bad as a money grab as everything else, like EA, with"micro"transactions for every tiny thing with absolutely horrible and soulless content. That is a direct quote from Bobby Kotick, that bought Mediagenic which turned into Activision, which purchased a plethora of gambling studios, and united with Vivendi, and is now Activision Blizzard:

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The courses also appear to all be balanced
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