I'm flat 108 except for a while pet hunting it hasnt felt like a mill and now Cover Image


I'm flat 108 except for a while pet hunting it hasnt felt like a mill and now

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    I'm flat 108 except for a while pet hunting it hasnt felt like a mill and now. I focused slayer and cash but still. I push harder all the time. I feel like a mug now if im not on piety and a celestial super fight and havent wiki'd the enemy to find out which attack style is greatest. I would suggest that you post your stats and equipment and we could try to help. In addition, I know all of the great (and less known) cash making combat spots for mid-range from when I was stuck just like you and got out of it, PM me.

    I feel like it is reasonable as on a main you simply go do pvm after the first expense of nmz'ing up your combats, doing quests until 200 quest points (for assembler, fero gloves, barrows gloves, and the bursting location for mage coaching in mm2 tunnels, etc) along with the elite void grind for tob, literally 30 minutes to go get your fire cape and mage arena two cape. Idk if I missed much but that's about it, do not even require anything or graceful you have stams. Ironman is a completely different story. Now THAT takes a long while.

    I wish they left xp a little quicker though because some abilities are fucking ludicrously long after 80+ such as runecrafting, agility, etc. it is not fun to be spending entire days and barely even level up at the procedure. In my opinion, among the most loveable matters about RuneScape is that it is a grind. While it can occasionally make things feel dull occasionally, or overpowering occasionally, it makes you really appreciate what you have.

    For me, the best portion of getting a 99 is not the feeling immediately following the 99. There is a small release but it starts to fade as you get more. The thing that is really special is the little reminders of just how far you've come. The grinds feel cumulative. The reason you can do what you are doing now is because you had 5 grinds before that. You can use it whenever you want, but you have it although like, you work really hard to acquire void. I love that about RuneScape.

    I am attempting to finish the Hard Karamja Diary to unlock the level of the gem mine. One task is to receive a slayer assignment and combat 100. I perform a whole lot while playing is great, so I figured I could increase my gains if I got to the part to acquire the bank station. Unfortunately while working it's hard to do things like barrows and NMZ, and even a great deal of slayer assignments because I perform. 1 moment I get a call another my anti-dragonfire potion ran out and I just got KO's by a fire blast.

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