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Then you've got half of bounty hunter following you

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Start date 05-06-21 - 01:00
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    The planet select menu could be easily altered to say: World 17- Bounty Hunter Solo, World 81- Bounty Hunter Multi. This could let clans REALLY return to wars, and might ease tensions. Now for your pjing correct: You have just killed someone, and they had a fantastic kill on. You try to pick it up and if you do, somebody sees your skull change and immedately starts to yell,"PEN!!! PEN!!"

    Then you've got half of bounty hunter following you. In this age you won't have a pickup penalty or a depart penalty. You could be allowed to pick up arrows, if you were ranging, because that is what makes me pens that the most. Maybe you could be allowed to receive your kill, I do not know yet. During this time your skull abouve your head dissappears. People can't tell if you pick up the kill or not. And if you're killed within this time period the 3 Things On Departure Rule + Safeguard Item prayer protect items for you.

    After this grace period is over normal penalties apply, and also your in your own. This would repel pjing because: The pjer wouldn't understand exactly what your kill's worth is. If he kills you, you keep 3-4 items anyway. If he fails to kill you, you can leave in your grace period. Tell me what you guys believe, because I'd really like to bounty hunt with my clan again.

    So I had been thinking, what if you needed someone to enter your house and help you construct in it? I believe this would be a good feature since if you wanted to improve your house and didn't possess the level/cant manage to do it, then just let someone do it for you. As soon as you buy the home, the operator is going to have a deed. The deed is going to have a code on it. As soon as you've the deed you can read this, and it'll have a randomly generated code on it. Every house owner (just one person can have a house at a time) will have a different code. You cannot purchase another deed.

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