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Madden NFL 21 Reveals In-Game Virtual Pro Bowl Voting

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시작일 03-16-21 - 01:00
종료일 03-17-21 - 07:00
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    Madden NFL 21 Reveals In-Game Virtual Pro Bowl Voting to Add Two More Players to Rosters

    Monday attracted the official reveal of the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl rosters as the season continues to proceed towards the playoffs. In conjunction with the roster reveals, EA revealed that enthusiasts are going to be able to perform virtual wrestling Guru Bowl voting. This is going to be a first-time in-game inclusion in Madden NFL 21. Voting will be accessible through something known as the Video Game Numbers Challenge.

    The Video Game Numbers Challenge will feature a set of 32 NFL players qualified for your Virtual Pro Bowl Roster. Finally, fans will select two players through the struggle, one from the AFC, and also one by the NFC. These players join the Virtual Pro Bowl rosters.

    The players are determined based on touchdowns scored through ranked and unranked Head-to-Head matchups. Every touchdown scored between Tuesday, December 22, 2020, and January 3, 2021, by players in the select group of 32 will count towards this Madden NFL 21 virtual voting.Madden NFL 21 is $20 in GameStop Just in Time for Super Bowl 2021

    Madden NFL 21, one of the most well-known games of last year is only $20 at GameStop right now, down from $60.

    This deal applies to both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One variations of this game, which is performed on the PlayStation 5 along with Xbox collection S/X at no extra charge. These consoles are still hard to find, but you can bookmark these pages to raise your chances of receiving an Xbox PlayStation when they are back in stock.

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