As long as it's 1:1 I really don't see the big deal as Jagex themselves Cover Image


As long as it's 1:1 I really don't see the big deal as Jagex themselves

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    I don't think so. By way of example, if you press Esc to close your bank it would need to use coordinates to obtain the X to close the lender, which makes it illegal and automatic. Additionally pressing F10 to switch to bank and equipment, that is not 1:1 input to output. Going from equipment to bank is a number of purposes and can also be impossible to do with 1 click unless you are hacking on the game to make it to do that. If that isn't true then develop on what you want it to do, I didn't really understand what you're asking but I gave my own effort.

    As long as it's 1:1 I really don't see the big deal as Jagex themselves additional hotkey's for invent:D F1 etc.. I didn't know that so no have to be a jerk about it... The issue is still that you are becoming more than 1 output for 1 crucial press., you can't do that unless you're hacking the game applet to include extra key bindings. You could do it via an external application but that is not 1 input to 1 output. The most you could do is make esc perform a mouse click, making it moot since you could do this using Mousekeys.

    In case you haven't already, also do Royal Trouble because it lets you put more in the coffers. I suppose you will not be online for lengthy periods of time, so, whenever you can, place 7.5m in the coffers (speak to Advisor Ghrimm, choose"Manage"), and set Maples to MAX workers and herbs to 50% employees. In this manner, you can go 90+ days without collecting the stuff out of your kingdom and still get maximum profits. As for me, I just put in 750k+ (75k*8) and just collect it every Wednesday.

    He will get rid of charm so that it won't be max. I used to check it every day to completely max out but I instead checked it every few days. Do imperial trouble then as Kemo stated, 100 herbs and 50 maples is consistence, 100 walnut 50 herb may get you some really pleasant weeks using seeds. Yea, that is what I meant. I keep forgetting the gap between both. Also, I am pretty sure it only matters if your acceptance is 100 percent when you collect it, not every day.

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