Diablo 4 Needs Another Melee Class; Here's What It Can Be
Diablo 4 Needs Another Melee Class; Here's What It Can Be Dec 22

Diablo 4 Needs Another Melee Class; Here's What It Can Be

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With no release window at sight, it will be a long time until players can dive back into Diablo 4's dark world of Sanctuary, but Blizzard has already released a trove of tantalizing advice about the title's quarterly development site.

Diablo 4 has been announced just over one year ago, eight and a half a year following the release of Diablo 3, which had five first classes to select from; one faded alternative, two melee fighters, along with two spell-casters. Seeing how Diablo 2 introduced players with a comparable breakdown, it appears likely that Diablo 4 will follow suit. And because two magic users have already been revealed, a melee fighter looks like a safe next bet. Even though there is a massive assortment of close-range champions to select from, some courses are more likely to look in Diablo 4 compared to others, and one can get a better idea of what's on the table by simply contemplating what's come before and examining a couple of broad dream archetypes.

The iconic of melee classes in fantasy is a guy or gal in gleaming metal armor. Stylistically, these personalities are somewhat more refined than barbarians, whose signature appeal is enraged bloodlust. The Diablo franchise also has to learn more about the unholy knight or blackguard archetype, which is another interesting possibility.

A flagellate priest--recently militant and guilt-ridden after Diablo 3's heavenly siege--would be right at home in the grimdark world of Sanctuary. Taking damage in order to cure allies or fuel additional abilities would make for a fun mechanic with an interesting risk-reward dynamic: the further damage taken, the more powerful the participant's healing potential. Admittedly, adding a dedicated recovery course to Diablo 4 would come with pros and cons, but a melee-based caster and healer would stand out among more familiar ARPG classes.

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Diablo 4 Needs Another Melee Class; Here's What It Can Be
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