Tips to decrease mistakes in Writing English

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English is one of the languages used most in the world. In today's world, English awareness is a really positive thing.
English is a very common language and has been adopted into many schools and other learning facilities all over the world's academic curriculums.

Mistakes are bound to occur while you are writing in English, particularly if you're not a native English speaker. We have collated a few helpful tips for a student learning English that will help you write better in English without the can mistakes. This practice can be efficiently done with Spoken English Coaching in Tambaram.

These tips will certainly help you draft emails and quick text messages at work.

Tips to clear the mistakes

Keep it simple

Make sure it stays short and easy. Write short sentences not exceeding 20 words, and ensure one concept per sentence is conveyed. Write in an active form because most of us prefer to make errors in passive sentence drafting.

Write less

Writing revolves around quality over quantity. Give yourself time, write less but make sure to read it again and again. Search for grammar, mistakes in spelling and structure of the sentences.

Don't forget to edit

Writing calls for two separate activities. The art of creative writing that involves freedom of expression to really express oneself and editing requires a strong eye to detail. Bifurcate those two functions, then. Draft your article first and then give it a break before editing. Typically if you edit only after a write-up has been written, you can miss the usual errors.

Print your writing

When the final draft is finished, get a print and read it out. This way you will see the errors that previously went unnoticed. You can also ask your friends or members of your family to look at your draft and share their opinions. Take input constructively, and work on your writing skills in English.

Get your word correct

Recall the abbreviation, SVOMPT, representing subject, verb, object, manner, place and time. For instance: I like playing badminton in the morning. Join us Spoken English Classes in Chennai to speak English with confidence.