Classification of Social Networking Application for different Objectives

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Social network is meant to provide meaningful interaction online. One can share several things online by positing, liking, sharing and messaging.  Even business person can consider these social sites to establish communication with the online community. These online connections provide vast exposure to exchange information.

There are many social networking app development service providers that can help you to expand your business. Here, in this post, you will get to know about the different types of social networking applications.

Kinds of Social Network Application:

  1. Social Network Apps: it is used to maintain the connection or interaction with the people online. One can use this kind of application for their personal use and communicating with the near dear ones.  And also maintaining even professional communication.
  2. Media Sharing Networks: In this type of social platform, one can share different media files such as the videos, photos and GIF. Instagram is one of the best example of this kind of media sharing application.
  3. Discussion Forums: one can place any query and the audience are allowed to make comment or answer on it.  People can share news, insights, and experience for receiving multiple views. Reddit and quora are best example of it.
  4. Bookmarking Networks: On this type of media, one can share their content and pictorials by self and discover other related content and save it to view later. Pinterest, Flipboard and Mix are some of the bookmarking social media
  5. Blogging and Publications Platforms: One can post blog written by self on this blogging sites and build engagement with the customers. Travelogues, narrative poetry and any kind of thought can be published on this site. Medium and Tumblr are considered by individuals these days.

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