Myleague is among the worst gamemodes on 2K at this time and it should be the one Cover Image


Myleague is among the worst gamemodes on 2K at this time and it should be the one

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Myleague is among the worst gamemodes on 2K at this time and it should be the one has not posted anything yet
Start date 08-18-20 - 00:00
End date 08-31-20 - 00:00
  • Description

    Like the court where you 1v1ed Kemba Walker or something. Allow it to be usuable in blacktop or even mycareer. Make them like courts in blacktop or ace am 3v3 or something don't just waste them. Isn't there some crossplay? But not 2K? 2K would be much better if you can play it together with ALL your buddies even those on a different console. And why was there even just a small bit hype for its wnba rosters.

    You can't do anything. You can't even edit them. I don't know why you can not edit them it would be much better if they could be edited by you. There are like 3 animations and getting dunked on cartoons that I wish to see somebody getting dunked on so tough their personality dies and just ragdolls on the ground. Last year if you got postered you would lay on the ground for 5-6 seconds. Create more events. There are more events than last year and the park changes a lot due to these events but if there is no event there is no reason with. As it's about the newer consoles. So I am hoping for a reduction in loading times and way better graphics and more to perform in NBA 2K21.

    Yeah I am asking for way to much but adding one (please include greater than fucking one of these next year tho) of them would make NBA 2K21 much better already. I'd be glad if they left fun that is myleague. They do not even have to listen to my own ideas that it just needs to be fun I'm giving them ideas. Myleague is among the worst gamemodes on 2K at this time and it should be the one. Myteam is unplayable if you take a rest. Animations are getting this season changed way too fast and way too much. Sorry for my English being worse I'm Dutch.Rather than matchmaking by overall that leads to a variety of"entire cheese", produce leagues or tiers depending on the gem color of the highest complete card in your lineup and rewards to signify that grade or league. You can play in the league or grade over your gem coloured card, but can't play below. They wouldn't have the ability to play against teams with a lineup consisting of Ruby and Sapphire players.

    The system rewards gamers for artificially lowering their position to play against groups with miniature cards. I believe a system which permits players to play better entire lineups but not enable efforts to play worse lineups is a better user experience for everyone. I really like this idea but I believe there would need to be a mode without this kind of matchmaking.

    There's a bunch of gamers who may be new to the manner or just have trash teams, but managed to get a lucky pull. Imagine being a participant with a single opal (which you got luck and pulled in a single pack) and 9 ruby cards, but having to go up against a god group full of opals and PDs. It would be unjust. It would be ideal, if this was different from a style that does some tweaked version of the team matchmaking we've.

    If you want to know more, please click