I had PSO2 running fine from its launching on PC up till 2 days ago Cover Image


I had PSO2 running fine from its launching on PC up till 2 days ago

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I had PSO2 running fine from its launching on PC up till 2 days ago has not posted anything yet
Start date 08-12-20 - 00:00
End date 08-31-20 - 00:00
  • Description

    It would be a smart choice to release it on epic or steam games since its summer so release those bikinis.for thirsty players and also episode 4 launch. Hopefully MS was just a timed exclusive bargain because they can milk a larger playerbase if it was on additional platforms, ideally steam + steam summer sale packages. Frankly when/if this starts on Steam it's going to get A LOT bigger. Steam is a very populated and very easy platform. MS Store sucks ass and nobody really wishes to use it, but we've got to. Unless the accounts arent shared. While I'm fine with starting over, my spouse wouldn't down him with losing everything to swap and could likely just stop playing instead of reprosressing.

    In case that accounts don't carry over (which shouldn't be an issue - if I can log in to my xbox accounts on my Change I'm certain they could implement it through steam), assuming your MS shop or tweaker launcher are working, why would you wish to start over through steam? Even if my information could carry over, I'm having a hard time convincing myself to go through the hassle and hours of re-downloading PSO2 simply to launch it via steam rather than tweaker. The MS Shop variant can mess up in any time. I had PSO2 running fine from its launching on PC up till 2 days ago. Then the launcher stopped opening, PSO2 would not uninstall, and not one of the fixes I found on the internet were working; eventually to get it functioning again I simply chose to format my hard drive and reinstall Windows. So I would definitely take re-downloading PSO2 an additional time over having to worry if it is going to induce me through that again.

    So, I proceeded to collect some hard facts to support my original statement, and that I found out I need to walk it back. I knew PSO2 JP supported cross-play on PC, PS4, Vita, and Change. I believed if they worked that hard to have one accounts work on basically every stage, there's no way they will split the Microsoft Store and Steam/whatever. However for my dismay I discovered that despite being cross-play, at least the Vita variant used separate accounts. So. crap. I still remain hopeful for two reasons: Consoles have screwed up licensing limitations that make having a single shared accounts harder. PCs have largely been free of these rules. We clearly have inherent PSO2 accounts which are distinct and different from our Microsoft accounts. Therefore a Steam launch could theoretically connect directly to that.

    Nevertheless, in my mind there's uncertainty where before I believed this was a slam dunk. I have dropped real money on PSO2, so I'm crossing my fingers pretty hard today. Also on a side note, I'm hoping for an immediate launch over something such as Steam. JP is a release that is direct. I don't have any need to possess PSO2 tied to some other program. Remember the only reason we even have PSO2 in the west is because Microsoft is managing the accounts system. Sega had no interest in doing this in different areas. There are already Microsoft games on Steam which use XBOX Live integration, therefore I think it's pretty safe to assume that is going to be the case here since Microsoft is PSO2's North American writer.

    If you want to know more, please click https://www.pso2ah.com/