The Dark Falz from Ragol was there for thousands of years Cover Image


The Dark Falz from Ragol was there for thousands of years

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The Dark Falz from Ragol was there for thousands of years has not posted anything yet
Start date 07-31-20 - 00:00
End date 09-30-20 - 00:00
  • Description

    However, due to the time period that passed, they cannot anticipate changes that are extreme in the ecosystem of Ragol. The similarities you may see between the wolves, apes and rappies from the woods are present and appear to be associated even though they clearly show quite a few differences. For comparison, we know that gorillas and orangutans are sorta as apes. They reveal a number of differences that are marked but are clearly in the family tree. I believe that the differences we see are inside the boundaries of evolutionary divergence.

    I want to bring up that there's no reference of Pioneer 2 or what happened anywhere. This further supports the idea that the regulating powers are working to conceal the threat which Dark Falz gifts while also hoping to cover up the huge loss of life that they were partly responsible for. Not only does the native fauna of Naverius encourage the concept that we are fighting Ragol renamed, but also the context of this story where ARKS only managed to defeat Dark Falz following an extreme loss of life from Pioneer 1 and 2.

    Ancient explanations in Episode 2 make it doubtful that the Oracle Fleet's folks may be descendents of Pioneer II or its parent's civilization. Pioneer II had fundamental tactics and photon weapons, but photon technology was not understood to the Oracle Fleet until a research boat discovered Xion, who taught them, and with her guidance the first Photoners became unbelievably strong. Pioneer II lost some like photon arts, would have to have broken from the fleet after the discovery of Xion.

    I believe the background of Pioneer 1 and two separate themselves enough to explain that. Pioneer 2 and 1 were sent out as scouts for worlds. Ragol itself was one of the probable worlds scouted for Pioneer 1 and habitation was sent out with Pioneer 2, as tide behind with the wave. I believe that the photoners, individuals who visited Xion, were a part of the following Pioneer ship (we will say 3 for the sake of caution ) and that contribute to the growth of this Oracle Fleet.

    Pioneer 3 is likely what was upgraded in the Oracle Mothership and allowed it to salvage the remaining part of the culture the Pioneer ships were intended to save. Given Luther's status, it suggests that the photoners could be equal. It'd fall in line with the technologies on Pioneer 1 and 2 and Xion being the progress catalyst for what we use now. Spoilers Dark Falz from PSO2 derive their power from the Profound Darkness. The Dark Falz from Ragol was there for thousands of years.

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