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The computer moves just go directly through the defenders

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The computer moves just go directly through the defenders has not posted anything yet
Start date 07-28-20 - 00:00
End date 08-31-20 - 00:00
  • Description

    The grading system can be calculated and revamped based off your gamers construct. (If done correctly this should force the user to play within their assemble play mode ). A slasher with shooting should not be jacking up 3s without penalty to their own grade. At the conclusion of every match we should be in a position to grade teammates for your Park also it should be exhibited as some type of Park Respect with our 2K panel. This is going to be a visual indication of who's a teammate and who is respected. Incentive playing with Park games using lower ranked builds, and also losing a game shouldn't yield a 95.0 performance automatically.

    At this time, there's no reason that anyone 95-99 total would ever want to queue right into a game with a lower rank. They all would like to advance to 99.9, so they'll wait till the worst players in the court"got next" and then team up with the best players that they could find. If the penalty for dropping a game was less intense (95.0 performance) players would not be opposed to play games with newer low positions. Or if your overall performance automatically goes down somewhere between 0.5 - 1 to get a lose, but you're still able to perform well and rate up. It would be cool to have more position diversity as positions would be more inclined if ranks are willing to take them in to play with Park. This will help address the"dead park" issues.

    It just seems absurd that my build, a 96 playing two 85 overalls, loses to a squad of 99's and I'm punished for it. Clearly when I play with terribly then that is fine, but when my underdog squad puts up a solid fight against much higher rankings, that should certainly yield some sort of bonus, whether its VC, Rep or overall performance. I believe it would work if the difference between the competitions along with your squad' needed a factor in the progressions. I have a facilitating build and find it super fun and challenging to make low positions effective against players with my playmaking skills. That is a massive part of basketball, making your teammates better. For trying to do that I shouldn't be harshly penalized. For stalking the courts like a predator Additionally squads of 99's should not be rewarded intensely. The playground becomes super political with people checking each other's rankings before starting a game and less about simply going to get some rep and matches in.

    Domination in my group remains broken. I played all time lakers domination on all celebrity this morning cuz im just a few stars away from Shawn kemp but got blown out by 15 at halftime by the fucking computer so I decided to try it on pro. Tried after this morning and the same shit thats happened 8 times now where I win the game and it will not enroll my W. yet the shoe deals, mt, and vc were used up for the game. I got no awards and like I said its occurred 8 times. I blew out the computer by 24 and just tried it 5 mins back but YET AGAIN my W won't register. Many upgrades have we gone through now and this game remains broken.

    Do you scumbags expect us to have enough opportunity to keep doing this shit repeatedly and over and over again? Ive spent so much goddamned money on this pay to acquire bullshit on packs which will not give me great players. Was in 2016. I hope u fuckface developers read this and feel bad because its fucking dreadful to have put out a game this broken. Im playing 7 diamond cards in my lineup and that I cant even start to describe the grueling experience I have playing on the maximum difficulty. The computer moves just go directly through the defenders, almost every contested shot goes, and every time the computer dunks they just glitch right to the basket. Fucking receive your shit.

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