RuneScape is the only game I can consistently play that has a grind Cover Image


RuneScape is the only game I can consistently play that has a grind

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RuneScape is the only game I can consistently play that has a grind has not posted anything yet
Start date 07-06-20 - 00:00
End date 07-31-20 - 00:00
  • Description

    Honestly, I enjoy the ride for what it is. Between having a baby on the way and work, RuneScape is the only game I can consistently play that has a grind. Because of the time necessary to grind at a computer while ACTIVELY, MMOs are out of the question. When I want to sit down and play a game, I will do the things that need more intensive attention on OSRS, but that I do not lose progress because of my hectic life. I enjoy the different benchmarks RuneScape game provides. I struggled and killed Jad a couple of months before, and I was ecstatic. I'm presently grinding out 99 runecrafting to your lols and memes (it would be my first 99 and I am currently at 88).

    I enjoy the content creators and the community. There is so much social lore to RuneScape game that makes visiting with the subreddit. RuneScape is great for what it really is. I enjoy the lift ride. While I really do like runescape a bit. I get the impression I only returned due to nostalgia. Got membership to the first time. Half way in I stopped playing with it came back to me doing quest and I did not find the fun in that. I am not bashing RuneScape game, I figure back then in 07 when I was a youngin I was more optimistic and patient. Plus I stopped being much of a gamer for any reason that I'm in my 20s.

    Generic "Runescape 3 Bad" Meme

    I bet RS3 would double it is player count through the night if you could log into both osrs and RS3 in precisely the exact same time with the identical account. I think connecting the login server was a terrible thought. I know they did it so that you could get in touch with your friends but that's nowhere close to of permitting a single account to link to both the pro's. I'd imagine that it might even bring about the MTX profits, too. I understand it is motor work, but they should really put the effort in so you can be logged in to both games at once - most modern applications (I know RS isn't ) allow multiple log ins. Imagine if you could simply be logged in to Discord or Reddit on one device at one time for instance.I would totally afk in RS3 while doing OSRS - or even vice versa. Hear the quests in RS3 are bangin'.

    RuneScape osrs and RS3 are enormous games the amount of gamers dwarf many AAA titles that come out osrs has articles updates that often it is quite tough to imagine it dying any time soon so I can't see how nerd slayer could tease this. Tbh it's not even that big of a deal. Do you care some arbitrary player x has 120 or 99 what? The solution is just like nobody gives a shit if you grind your like years back or you just buy lamps. Do not get it, if you don't enjoy it. Tbh I had a no position on it and stop for years. Came back recently and even using a high complete 2200+ without lamps and bonds could have taken me years to get current with content.

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