What qualifies as a military grade laser? Cover Image


What qualifies as a military grade laser?

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There is something special about a bright laser beam. It captures our interest, holds our attention, green laser pointer the way to the heavens, defies logic, and so much more. But what is it about a visible laser beam that seems magical to human beings?

We’ve all seen lasers in the movies. From “Sharks with laser beams on their heads” to a red dot sight in a spy movie or Star Wars.

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    If you’re looking for a high powered laser pointer you’ve likely come across various product lines, output powers, beam colors, features, classes, suppliers, components, and more. There are loads of lasers out there that claim to be “military-grade lasers” or “military lasers” but what defines this classification? Let’s take a look.

    Lasers of all varieties are used by armed forces

    Military Grade Lasers

    There is no one single standard for what defines a military green laser pointer or system. Different branches from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Space Force, ATF, DEA, and police forces utilize lasers for loads of real-world applications. We’re not just talking about wartime or open conflicts either. Lasers are often used for military training exercises in various spectrums and powers in non-combat zones.

    Let’s look at an example: Infrared laser pointers are often used by men on the ground to signal to a helicopter or passing aircraft a specific target or location. Because these lasers can travel such far distances at higher power levels, military personnel find them an indispensable tool to have in their arsenal. Lasers provide a visual aid, signaling device, target finder, and more. A common variety: AN/PEQ-2 Infrared Target Pointer/Illuminator/Aiming Light (ITPIAL)

    Are burning lasers also military grade?

    They sure can be. But as previously stated the power levels and beam frequencies can vary greatly from one use to another. Burning high output power lasers are indeed used often by service members. From our example above, (signaling to a helicopter pilot where the enemy is) burning Burning Laser Pointers output powers are often used. A 1,000mW 980nm IR laser is not only a burning laser but also a great military tool. Pilots can see these high power beams from long distances with the visual equipment they use. Even while piloting at night, and this makes a burning laser far more visible than a non-burning laser.
    What about visible beam colors for military purposes?

    We’ve seen how invisible or infrared laser beams are utilized but what about visible colors like green 532nm? The short answer is, Yes. Visible colors like green, red, blue, and even purple/violet are used. The most common of the visible colors used would be Green and Red for a few key reasons.

    First of all, green laser light at the same power is 5x-7x brighter than other colors. So, you get greater visibility at equal power levels and at lower power consumption. That gives someone on the ground more available time to use a Rechargeable Laser Pointer on a single charge. This can prove critical to completing a mission or exercise. A 200mW green laser beam is 5x brighter than a 200mW red beam and 7x brighter than a 200mW purple laser. This is something that the military keeps in mind when choosing the right model for any training or real-world exercise.