Well, I want to obtain barrows' gloves urgently Cover Image


Well, I want to obtain barrows' gloves urgently

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Well, I want to obtain barrows' gloves urgently has not posted anything yet
Start date 11-12-21 - 01:00
End date 11-13-21 - 05:00
  • Description

    Well, I want to obtain barrows' gloves urgently because I'm going to turn into a pker... Are there any quests that do not increase summoning, att or hp that I could accomplish? If you require my statistics, there's an option under my name... Quest-wise i've completed these quests and am currently a total of 82 qp.

    All requests for f2p, with the exception of prince Ali. Bio-hazard as well as Creature of Frenkenstein. Death to the Dorgeshuun.

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