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Log onto World 48 or 2 minutes before the daily reset

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Log onto World 48 or 2 minutes before the daily reset has not posted anything yet
Start date 10-20-21 - 01:00
End date 10-21-21 - 06:00
  • Description

    Log onto World 48 or 2 minutes before the daily reset. If Wisdom is available, turn on it, and you'll be able to start collecting resources to fill your first daily limit. Once you have reached your daily limit, exit from lobby and return to the lobby to refill it. To check your limit, use the quickchat code SOE3. Here's an example of a typical scene from World 48 during the daily reset. There is a good chance of lag.

    Introduction. Introduction. Did you realize that the old combat system had biased the strength toward combat classes, leaving players with a mismatch of combat prowess for a long time? Are you aware of the purpose of the combat calculation is?

    The Obligatory Rant. This editorial was inspired by the "dragonstone poll" most recently conducted. The poll lets players choose between a 138 combat-level calculation (the same as before EOC) or the latest 200-level combat-level calculation. When I first heard about the news, I cried. Yes, I am serious. I ran into my bedroom, climbed out, and buried my head in my pillow. I cried over the loss of innocence that I found while reading Anne of Green Gables.

    Okay I did not cry. However, I was very angry. I believed the 138 battle calculation would prevail. I have proven my predictions to be to be correct. The combat calculation 138 is currently winning 71 percent to 29% at the time of February 15 at EST. It's not winning because of the right reasons. It's simply because it's better than the previous system in every way.

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