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A lot of the discussion here and pretty much everywhere

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A lot of the discussion here and pretty much everywhere has not posted anything yet
Start date 10-08-21 - 02:00
End date 10-09-21 - 04:00
  • Description

    A lot of the discussion here and pretty much everywhere else has been focusing on the bad changes that have been made to the game. Things like the Squeal of Fortune and EOC are being slammed all over the place. Instead of focusing our attention on what's wrong, we can make use of this issue to discuss the positive.

    Below are some of the recent changes I love... The Music is definitely one of the best changes out there. It enhances overall enjoyment. It's also available to listen to now. Graphics - Although I love old graphics, the newer graphics are certainly better. These aren’t really new but I thought I’d include them as they are continually being updated. I'm a bit nostalgic for the older EOC armor graphics though.

    Bossing Bossing is much better today. KBD as well as Kalphite Queen were the bosses for quite a time. These were fairly predictable. These bosses are more frequent and provide fresh perspective. The Quest storylines have definitely been improved since RS3. Prior to RS3, the only interesting story was that of Mahjarrat. Even that one did not end either. There are many other storylines in the present. It's always exciting to read about new quest releases.

    Custom sized rooms, hallways, etc. Place furniture wherever and whenever you want. You can find 20 to 30 acres of land across the globe that you can construct homes on. Yours will always be there, so you can always see it. Can see friends or random players too. This method of learning will not make it a "furniture-making skill". Players can purchase a plot and NPCs could commission houses.

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