There are more ties as three games scored a 90 Cover Image


There are more ties as three games scored a 90

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There are more ties as three games scored a 90 has not posted anything yet
Start date 09-15-21 - 01:00
End date 09-16-21 - 08:00
  • Description

    There are more ties as three games scored a 90. The series was strong once again as NBA 2K13 maintained the momentum of previous installments. The game's focus shifted from the past into the future, with Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin sharing the cover.

    However, the game continued to challenge the old teams, including the incredible idea of having both the 1992 and 2012 United States Olympic teams. Jay-Z served as a producer who helped to create the unique vibe. There was also a Shoe Creator mode , which featured authentic brand names , as well as an All Star Weekend mode.

    As noted, NBA 2K16 got a lot of praise for its MyLeague mode, which allowed gamers to perform things such as relocating franchises. NBA 2K17 took that to the next level. The 30 existing teams could be relocated and new teams could be added.

    In fact, anyone can establish their individual league with their own teams, cities and other aspects. They could also have control over and alter the rules of the league, something that was not heard of. The presentation, gameplay and the other normal aspects were all praised. All-Star Paul George was featured on the front cover. This is a huge leap for a game that once played second to Electronic Arts' NBA Live. It's now leaving the brand behind and is able to stand above its predecessor material as claimed by Strauss Zelnick of Take-Two Interactive. He said that the quality of the game's success does not depend on how the league performs.

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