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What is the reason that water and earth runes

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What is the reason that water and earth runes has not posted anything yet
Start date 09-11-21 - 02:00
End date 09-12-21 - 06:00
  • Description

    What is the reason that water and earth runes (37 grams each) more expensive than mind/fire runes? Just thinking. There are several motives. Water runes can be utilized to blast or barrage, which is extremely well-liked in P2P. They are rare drops of monsters and not a common craft.

    Many monsters drop huge amounts of fire runes. Mind runes are not very useful. Keep in mind that air runes are those that pop up in standard-spellbook spells the most often. Since they're almost useless and are extremely affordable. Earth runes are used in the Vengeance spell 10 at a time. this spell is all over p2p and pking.

    Although I haven’t played for more than a year, I remember that the fastest way to make money in combat in F2P was through collecting large bones. It's about 30k per hour. There aren't any NPCs at high level that can be killed which will give you rewards such as drops. It is possible to get around 10-15k from the less powerful demons. Thus, a F2P player will spend about 3 hours making 100k from combat drop.

    P2P players have a wider selection of choices. They could gather dragon bones from dragons in green and earn maybe 100k an hour. They could form teams to hunt GWD bosses, KQ and possibly get lucky with 1m+ drops. There are many ways to make money through p2p.

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