The Good News for Basketball Lovers The NBA 2K22 Game Cover Image


The Good News for Basketball Lovers The NBA 2K22 Game

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The Good News for Basketball Lovers The NBA 2K22 Game has not posted anything yet
Start date 09-04-21 - 01:00
End date 09-05-21 - 08:00
  • Description

    The Good News for Basketball Lovers The NBA 2K22 Game has Been officially announced! NBA 2K22, the new game in the basketball series NBA 2K, which basketball fans love, was officially released. The players who will play as the cover characters in the game, which were announced recently, are also made public. NBA 2K22, the latest game of the NBA2K series, which releases an annual update and was officially announced on the 14th of July. This game is unique over other basketball games due to the fact that it only allows players from the United States.

    The official announcement for this game has revealed the players who will be featured on the cover of the game. Luka Doncic, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Durant will officially be the main characters of the game. Alongside the announcement, the release date of the game was also announced. The statement stated that the release date of the game will be September 10, 2021.

    The game was the subject of negative developments. According to reports the PC version of the game will not be compatible with the newest generation of the game. Because of this, cross-platform support is not included in NBA 2K22 this year. The reason behind this decision is believed for players to be enticed to buy more games. It's not known how much the game will be sold on consoles. On Steam, the game is available at 429 TL. Based on the price it is reasonable to say that the game will launch on consoles with a price around 500 TL.

    Unskippable advertisement returns to NBA 2K, fans angry The NBA 2K series is taking flack for the display of unskippable, loading-screen advertisements that appear in the main game. On Saturday, Stevivor announced that an advertisement for Oculus played prior to the typical "episode" of NBA 2KTV which begins prior to games loading in any of NBA 2K21's various modes. Players are required to view the entire ad, since it doesn't prompt them to alter their lineups while the loading of the game.

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