They ruin the whole sense before RuneScapeplay even starts Cover Image


They ruin the whole sense before RuneScapeplay even starts

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They ruin the whole sense before RuneScapeplay even starts has not posted anything yet
Start date 06-08-20 - 00:00
End date 06-30-20 - 00:00
  • Description

    It feels like a pursuit and plays. This is literally everything our quests have been although A long one because of the need arch to do it. New places we research deeper into after gather items and information on the best way best to solve puzzles that allow us in deeper, new and old npcs to speak to and do jobs for, a clear narrative with cutscenes, the narrative has proper twists and shows, and also a suitable lore centered reward. How doesn't it feel as a quest? The one thing something like the Zammy website was missing was combat and not every pursuit has combat.

    It is rather hard to get right, while I like stories that are told through a bit a data starvation. Dark Souls has helped popularize that style while being a wonderful example of how it can be done wrong. They ruin the whole sense before RuneScapeplay even starts. I don't think RS is the type of sport to line up with that style of storytelling. RS has always been about the player character doing things and developing in their discovering of the planet (both old and new aspects) through emergent gameplay.

    Can we please get a roadmap? Jagex gave us a bts each month and one. The roadmap ceased because they were ironing things out, but it's been months. Only a rough idea of something coming at a certain point"shortly". They said they're working on combat skilling and quests, everything. Awesome!!! But what are you currently working on when would you plan on releasing those things and for those all? Regarding the toggle for DXP, I really think that they can creatively execute this. A toggle implemented with something such as a one hour cooldown or even a set of daily charges will be OK.

    Many players do not wish to feel like they'll miss out of performing dailies/weeklies/pvm through the week, and I understand many burn off through the weekend anyways to minimize that impact (defeating the purpose of the new DXP model). Aside from that, Mod Hypnos talked about a number of the items which can be implemented into RuneScape, and I hope he and his team get the props they deserve if it's all implemented. A brand new configuration interface is desperately desired (that seasoned players can not navigate it well is telling), and items like greater pathing from map navigation, UI scaling, and other UX improvements, etc... All result in RuneScape being more pleasurable for new and existing players.

    I expect RuneScape will not get upgrade starved. PvMers are dying for a new supervisor. We have not had a pursuit in weeks and Desperate Measures is available. Archaeology is fantastic but you need to put something on the horizon to make folks stick around. DXPW is only a cheap trick in this circumstance, and conducting them is unacceptable and frankly unsustainable so far as playerbase goes. Don't waste the chance Archaeology gave you.

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