As much as BFA was awful, the HoA was not a bad system Cover Image


As much as BFA was awful, the HoA was not a bad system

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As much as BFA was awful, the HoA was not a bad system has not posted anything yet
Start date 07-09-21 - 01:00
End date 07-10-21 - 05:00
  • Description

    As much as BFA was awful, the HoA was not a bad system when they fixed it up and they could have easily done more with that moving into Shadowlands. Hippity hoppity that the HoA currently absorbs anima congratz problem solved we don't have to scrap it for something else .

    Why have we gone through 4 iterations of all garrisons now? Why don't you just base it in SW/ORG and expand it with every new xpac rather than moving from Garrisons to Order Halls to that fucking ship to Covenants. Have a garrison type case in SW/ORG. Plan around it being used longer duration, new expansion released and you can construct the expansion special building that will advance the story. Or the NPCs just show up to progress the story. Having it as an example from the big cities will solve the"everyone is in their garrison" problem.

    It is silly that much development time gets spent on growth specific material. Island expeditions. Warfronts. Like at what stage in development did they opt to give up on warfronts? Or when they figure out that warfronts were not likely to function as planned. It turned out to be a significant characteristic of the bfa expansion and imo was mostly a dud of a feature. Same with islands. It might have been just so much better but only become a slog festival of azerite grinding. It is a massive waste of money to design a system that only lasts an expansion.

    I concur that the HoA was a fantastic system. It's so difficult for me to get around the thought that blizz is aware of what they're doing when they implement a system. They put systems in half completed intentionally. Take a look at the legendaries in legion. Participants were stating, making posts on official forums, the machine they were applying for legendaries was dreadful and was only going to upset the player base. Silence. It was set in as is and of course, people were upset. Some had 2, most had 1, some had none whatsoever. Even those who had at least didn't necessarily get what they wanted/needed. It took blizzard buffing the drop rates on legiondaries to make it feel better using"bad fortune protection". It took the whole expansion to allow them to put out the machine as it ought to have been from the beginning. They understand but for the interest of MAUs they add in buffs and changes to systems to have people to stay or return.

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