Even a gnome warrior, mage, and ranger will subsequently Cover Image


Even a gnome warrior, mage, and ranger will subsequently

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Even a gnome warrior, mage, and ranger will subsequently has not posted anything yet
Start date 07-07-21 - 01:00
End date 07-08-21 - 04:00
  • Description

    Even a gnome warrior, mage, and ranger will subsequently come in the room. Please get rid of the....creature. As you wish.

    Now you have to fight the three guards at the same time. There will be one safespot within the room, where you can get rid of the meleer. The mage and the ranger's hits are dead accurate, and will hit you up to 18. Once you eliminate them, try to leave the space, and you will come across a 6X6 puzzle, with an eight minute timer. If you can't finish the puzzle in eight minutes, the square's will rearrange, and you'll have to begin all over again. Once completed, it will show a picture of what you presume to be Glouphrie.

    Open the doorway, and you will enter a conference room with eight filled seats of Lords of Arposandra. They haven't noticed you yet, since the area is dimly lit, and there is a little crawlspace you can squeeze into. Squeeze into it (60 agility required), and they'll be speaking in a strange language you presume to be some type of gnomish. Seven of the eight Lords will leave, leaving one who's coordinating some newspapers. He is among the Lord that"greeted" you at the jail cell, so that you know he can talk English. You will squeeze from the crawlspace, sneak behind himcover his mouth, fall a second teleorb, and you will be sent back to commander Veldaban.

    Veldaban: Dwarves, tie him up, and cast a teleblock on him. Dwarves in the black shield will then catch the Lord, and bring him to a nearby area. Veldaban: Good work, Zachman3334. Did you happen to find out anything else while you're in Arposandra?

    I had been in some sort of prison cell. They have very powerful gnomes who use a magic I've never seen before. And that's simply their defenses. Veldaban: That is bad. We're presently a great enemy of Arposandra free of doubt. We have to cripple the Red Axe as quickly as we could. Our spy figured out that their foundation is a storage house of all of their valuable information. You have to burn down the foundation, together with all the information in it.

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