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The player seemed to be playing Madden Ultimate Team

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The player seemed to be playing Madden Ultimate Team has not posted anything yet
Start date 06-04-21 - 01:00
End date 06-05-21 - 03:00
  • Description

    Reddit user dvd5671 posted a movie on r/Madden recently of himself along with an internet opponent in a really intense match. If his opponent scored even a field goal, the game will probably have been over. In the match and video, his competitor chucked the ball to the running back and broke loose toward the end zone, but rather than running it in, he started a Madden NFL user-controlled celebration with defenders near. The result was the running back got tackled, fumbled the football, and dvd5671's team ensured possession, then proceeded on to win the match.

    The player seemed to be playing Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), as the New York Jets had Aaron Rodgers tossing the ball to J.D. McKissic, players who are not on the Jets roster. MUT is a solid game style, but Madden NFL 21 didn't see many new updates in regions like MUT, Franchise, along with many others. The very best aspect of Madden NFL 21, in which crazy style moves are easier to pull off, is Your Yard. That game style is intended to showboat and show off, as juke and triple passes are a part of every play as opposed to the normal simulation that is in the other modes.

    One funny element of the video is that the two teams going against each other were the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns, teams which have been at NFL purgatory for quite a while. It perhaps shouldn't be a surprise that the team supporting the fumble (Jets) also showboated too early and dropped the match in an online match. The Browns, however, seem to be turning it around using a solid new trainer, a strong running back duo, and even a participant who will one day be a Madden NFL cover star with Baker Mayfield.

    Madden NFL 21's developers will launch, on March 4, the last of three rounds of upgrades promised for the match's Franchise mode. Although very granular and technical in the areas they address and improve, the updates still answer long-running requirements from Franchise lifers who felt the latest game did little to enhance the core mode.

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