The player you select it on get's +5% attack and strenght Cover Image


The player you select it on get's +5% attack and strenght

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The player you select it on get's +5% attack and strenght has not posted anything yet
Start date 03-28-21 - 01:00
End date 03-29-21 - 06:00
  • Description

    The player you select it on get's +5% attack and strenght. Drains prayer. Stacks with Ultimate Strenght, Incredible Reflexe, Chivalry, Piety and so Forth. Any acction of the person who casts it disturbs this"spell". Deals A to B damage, reducing it's strike by 10%. Dosen't stack with Confuse type charms. Deal's 25 percent more damage when used on undeads, however, the assault punishment remains the same (-10%)

    Deal's more harm than DAZZLE, because it has no particular skill. Greater than Crumble Undead. Do not tell me it ought to be in"Suggest an item and skill". It is a qeust about to be. A dark mage made an army of imps. You need to steal a secret thing. (An Imp Stone Of Teleportation) Than something more. You enter a stadium... (many obstacles, stairs, maze) Finaly to the magician. . Who is really unhappy of stealing the stone. He telegrabs it from you. . and then. . It is not funny. Not completed, as I said. It is only a long preview.

    Lets begin with a brief story:'Once there was someone known as'cbhater315'*. He had been a skiller with lvl 3 combat. He had two skills at lvl 99 and his smallest non-combat skill was lvl 52. But on a bad day that he met a lvl 52. This lvl 52 saw his combat lvl (3) and laughed. He shouted into our poor hero. But our hero exchanged the noob and revealed his 3 mill. . 'cbhater315 was really unhappy and began to train combat only because he did not wanted to become a noob. The End I changed the narrative sometimes because of individuals who did not liked that I played with that noob.

    Skillers with battle lvl 3 are fast called noob, wich is not very motivating if you've got a high complete lvl. And folks like to show of how good they are. I thought of the next: Why not reveal the total lvl like the battle lvl? There are 2 options: 1 ). Show it next to the total lvl ( Jesper Xxi (cb lvl-76, total lvl-1213))

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