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Don't hesitate to take the extra mile when cash earning

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Don't hesitate to take the extra mile when cash earning has not posted anything yet
Start date 02-22-21 - 05:00
End date 02-28-21 - 06:00
  • Description

    There's no such thing as too much money. Don't hesitate to take the extra mile when cash earning. If you really need to earn $ though, I would not use slayer to it since that will greatly decrease your xp/hr in slayer. Utilize the best you can to powertrain with slayer and use Frosts/Barrows to produce the $ back. If you Frost enough, you can gain despite the losses from slayer powertraining. Slayer is currently not one of his more important objectives. He just needs that extra buck so he could manage the prayer and summoning levels. I never once mentioned anything on Slayer XP. I stated powertraining, which means because of his CB stats, not Slayer level. He must be using other methods besides slayer to make his $. Slayer should just be utilized for XP.

    I don't see why people buy corrupt dragon anyway. Sounds like a waste of cash to me. Since Corrupt dragon is your best F2P armour, PKers purchase the weapons because they help becoming kills and clanners buy the armour to be able to tank more. But doesn't it disappear after a thing like 30 minutes? Yeah it does but it also depends upon the way you use it. By way of example, if you're PKing and just using a tainted dragon weapon to deal the final hit then clearly your weapon will last some time.

    These one or two good hits are the difference from killing or being killed. With the drop(s) you'd receive, assuming your PKing, it probably makes up for the high cost of Corrupt Dragon. Especially if you're a pro Pker such as Mic. Then you make quite a profit. Additionally, the boots street price was 25M (Leaf obtained the boots) while GE price was 8M? Thought it had been the same. It seems that you can not wager money .

    You've already had this explained to you. The GE cost is just an automated way of recording transactions and upgrading the price to adhere to that. Why do you believe that the GE prices change? Because people buy and sell at the road prices via the GE and it updates the cost to match that.

    Ever since I got back to RS a couple of months ago and finally became a member, I have noticed a huge number of players (mainly around the GEx) begging for cash. Now, I've personally never needed more than 500K to my title. I've never had more than this and I have never really set out to attempt to make money. However, when I have needed to purchase something expensive I've worked hard to produce the cash I needed.

    If you are interested, please click