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FYI I got entry to Ancient Magicks and Curses

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FYI I got entry to Ancient Magicks and Curses has not posted anything yet
Start date 12-18-20 - 01:00
End date 12-19-20 - 07:00
  • Description

    FYI I got entry to Ancient Magicks and Curses, but in my level they are useless anyway. What do you guys suggest? Which room to get more gain (I think that it's gonna be Bandos anyway)? What should I wear? I got nothing but 7m on me for buying armours. How do I avoid being killed by the left-alone General? Are they dangerous at all? I have experience on F2p-Pking(Mage), KBD Solo, Mole Solo and all Quest Bosses except Nomad. I believe thats all, thanks for answering my noob questions like I guess nobody does what I am planning to do!

    What account are you currently using? Because the Rader account you've got in your profile... Has too low stats tbh. But assuming you're using a better account, don't have Super Antifire nor want a massive risk, here's an adequate setup: Neit helm, Glory Amulet, Cape of Choice (Soul Wars will be good for prayer boost and medium ), Black D'hide Body (or Karils if you do not mind the price ), Karil Skirt. Whip or Leaf Bladed Sword (You might want advice from someone else on the weapon - that I use Chaotic) Anti Dragon Shield (or DFS if you're able to afford) Barrows Gloves (or whatever you've got ) Dragon Boots.

    Now, your account doesn't fit the majority of these requirements. I recommend these stats: The two 80 attack and strength. Defence is okay for now... 70 Prayer+Piety. 80 magic (that is why you will lose hp - you pray melee the whole time. Karils/D'conceal helps but you still get hit) The complete Recipe for Disaster and Fremennik Isles quests if you haven't completed them (Neit helm; Barrow gloves). Hope that helps. How to fight them? Pot up, pray melee and piety, attack and observe your health.

    Why have raw lobsters dropped by much in price? They used to be like 400gp each now they are like 220 gp each. Why are firelighters tradeable now? As soon as I got mine by a clue scroll they weren't... Firelighters became tradable with all the recent upgrade to clue scrolls before this month. Lobsters have fallen in cost because a few weeks ago, a new NPC was added to Musa Point that will exchange your lobsters, tuna, and swordfish for noticed variations, allowing free players to fish them quickly.

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