Personally, I do not think so, 80 or 85 prayer is sufficient Cover Image


Personally, I do not think so, 80 or 85 prayer is sufficient

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Personally, I do not think so, 80 or 85 prayer is sufficient has not posted anything yet
Start date 12-14-20 - 01:00
End date 12-15-20 - 07:00
  • Description

    Personally, I do not think so, 80 or 85 prayer is sufficient but if you got cash to spend then proceed, 90 prayer is always good. How should I level range? Slayer or Ranging Aviansies in GWD because its excellent currency +exp. How do I level mage? I would also receive all abilities 70+ Do you reccomend any order? Start with the most fun/liked ability then train the most boring/disliked ability then replicate. Will slayer supply an income good enough to pay for the prayer level? Yes.

    How should I train mage? Alching Yew longs or alching ruby bands in Zanaris. So far I've got a simple idea about what to do, even though there is always some choices that might be worse or better depending on what you or the other person enjoys. All these are the levels I need. 72-75 Magic: I had been thinking of alching. I haven't trained this skill for over a year. 60-64 Mining: Possibly powermining certain minerals/ores. Iron? Granite? Or. . 59-65 Herblore: Not sure about what potion to create, I could learn though. 61-65 Farming: Planting Pineapple Plants/Papaya+Willows. Perhaps even some herbs? What though? 56-66 Thieving: Pyramid Plunder?

    If you are going to make a proposal, please note the price tag, as in how much cash I would spend. The exp it provides, based on what ability. Also any other ideas you might have. Thank you. Well, my family might lose internet at the end of this month. I have a 1 month member ship card, and am trying to decide whether I ought to use it, or save it before December. I am not positive if we will get online again, but I am thinking of being a member today, due to the current pure essence price (I need to get the pure ess by exchanging the 23k rcing guild tokens I have in bank).

    I'd then spend the rest of my membership earning money, if I need some, obtaining the pine logs for 99 disadvantages (off the GE), and mainly, playing SC for hammers for 99 construction. Pros: Getting the supplies for 99 building, and maybe selling pure essence at a fantastic price. Cons: may lose net, pure essence may not market, this month is a bit busy irl for me, so that I may not get enough hammers to get 99 construction. Locating a 1 month card is really difficult, the shops around me, even those that are 45 minutes-1 hour away, are almost always from 1 couple cards. And I really don't have a job . Oh, and can you market your membership card back to the shop, when you have not scraped, or revealed the associates code? If you are going to spend that much, do your self a favor and receive full Bandos, it's like, a million times greater. I don't want to start a flame war, but for the sake of that which armor to use, I must disagree . Bandos Chestplate and Tassets provide 156 Slash Defense, 226 Range Defense, and -10 Magic Defense. I find that those 3 are the only relevant defense points in PvP, as most people use a slash attack (Godswords, whip). However, I think that if your own Range Defense is that large (I have not included Helm, Cape, Shield, Boots, or Gloves), you will not be taking many strikes. However, what about the 6 strength Bandos gives? 6 Power will only increase your damage by about 1, possibly two. 17 Defense is not a lot to scream about, however the Bandos Chestplate and Tassets add to 41.3m at market cost. With 28m, you can buy a more Dragonfire Shield, and with a little more you can throw a fury on top. It is only my opinion that Bandos is not as good for your money you spend. It's not"a thousand times better." 2 power raises your max by 1, 6 has the potential to increase it by 3. 17 slash defense is nothing, that's like wearing an excess bronze chainbody for god's sakes.

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