How to relax and relieve stress

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That worry can create stress that makes the body tired, so the resistance is also weakened. Instead of sitting around worrying, on weekends, each person should take the following measures to add energy to life.

1. Play games with relatives
People often think that playing games is a form of entertainment, uselessly killing time and negatively affecting health. But that is not entirely true when we know how to use video games scientifically, selectively and not to depend too much on them. Especially now, there are many games that not only help you have healthy entertainment at home but also train your reflex skills and develop your brain's thinking. You can tryDrive Mad to practice your driving skills while also having healthy entertainment.

2. Breathe slowly
By breathing slowly and gently through the abdomen, the body sends signals to the brain to relax. This is a special type of calming breathing technique that can help relax the mind and only takes a few minutes. Take a deep breath through your nose, making sure the air flows down to your abdomen. Exhale slowly, keeping a gentle rhythm, and count to 5, then count back to 1 and inhale.

3. Massage
Massage can reduce stress levels and promote a state of relaxation, as well as reduce pain.
To relax your mind, you must relax your body, and massage is an effective way. A good massage not only relaxes muscles and reduces aches and pains, but can also reduce stress levels and promote a state of relaxation.

4. Take a bath
Taking a bath is another great way to relax your mind without having to do anything! Warm baths can help with everything from muscle pain to mood and stress levels, as well as improving overall health and skin beauty. Add some lavender-infused Epsom salt to your bath to soothe your body and mind, according to Daily Mail.

5. Read books
Sometimes, there's nothing better for the mind than reading a good, engaging book.

6. Take a nap
According to a 2018 study, 20% of Americans have a sleep disorder and on average people sleep less than 7 hours per night.A short 20 - 30 minute nap can do wonders for mood and alertness and is a great way to relax.

7. Exercise
Sometimes it's great to do an activity that directs all the attention, away from stressful situations, to an attainable goal like lifting heavier weights, running that next 5K, or perfecting yoga.
Furthermore, exercise helps the body release the hormone endorphins, leading to feelings of happiness, even euphoria.