Right Ways to Use WordPress As the Content Management System

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As incredibly versatile platform, WordPress has become one of the major content management systems at present. Do you know that more than 33.6% of websites available on the internet are powered by the WordPress. This means every forth website you are visiting is developed on WordPress.

Due to its rising popularity, there is immense demand for the WordPress development services. However, this post shares some of the ways to use WordPress as the content management system.

Ways to get started with the WordPress as the content management system

Initial settings

The installation process of WordPress is pretty simple. All you need is the right web hosting server that is capable of supporting PHP programming language. After the installation you can move further with to update the settings. Along with that you have to update the Permalink structure of the website or the blog.

Use static front page

Once you are done with all the initial settings then you can come to the content pages. The WordPress comes with the simple setting option in the admin area where you can choose whether you want use the static page or the latest post as the front page of your website.

Individual page template

By using the page template option you can apply the separate templates on the individual pages. With the home.php file you can create the per-defined front page for your website. Make sure that your home page is named home.php.

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