How to Stay Safe From Spear Phishing

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Whenever you receive an email, double and triple check the sender address.

Whenever you receive an email, double and triple check the sender address. you would like to seem carefully to form sure the address isn’t faked or inaccurate. simply because an email seems to return from someone you recognize, seems like a daily email from them (with their signature, company information, then on) doesn’t mean it's necessarily legit.

Be suspicious if the sender makes the request sound very urgent, especially if they’re asking you to try to to something you normally wouldn't, for instance, if within your company you sometimes share files over a network drive, but now someone asks you to urgently download a file from a Dropbox, this is often a clue that something isn’t right.

Confirm an invitation by phone if it’s out of the standard. the simplest thanks to defeat phishing is to select up the phone and speak to the purported sender for yourself. If the request is genuine, it'll only take a moment to verify. If it’s not, you’ll have dodged a potentially harmful situation.

Watch out for files linked in emails. Even something that you simply might assume would be safe, like an Excel or Word file can hide malicious software. Be extra careful if a linked file requires you to enable macros, as this is often a standard thanks to install malware on your device.

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