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Rocket League has a fantastically simple premise

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Start date 09-18-20 - 00:00
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    EyeIgnite helped lead AS Monaco Esports to the RLCS Season 8 – Europe title. Yet, following that occasion, the group couldn't clutch that achievement Following an early end at RLCS Season 9 – Europe and the Spring Series qualifier, AS Monaco let the group's agreement lapse, leaving its players to locate another home in the COVID-19 pandemic.

    He and individual veteran Rix "Rix_Ronday" Ronday welcomed on Kurtis "Kash" Cannon and improved Fadeaway, the stack that EyeIgnite played for before being marked by AS Manaco Yet, the list just played in one occasion before the players began marking with different groups, disregarding EyeIgnite.