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تاريخ الانتهاء 08-25-21 - 06:00
  • الوصف

    The Grand Exchange's incessant complaints regarding "Can I get 5k" and "Need 5k" beggars was "No." Go work as a tutor for skills in Lumbridge instead." If you play Runescape, 5k is not enough. You'd rather 5k. However, that's a different matter.

    A personal note. I liked the trainers for skills. Jagex could have included the new Runescape Advisor feature, but without taking away the Lumbridge tutors... If people like learning things on their own, rather than having tutors, then more power to them - it didn't necessarily mean that Lumbridge tutors shouldn't be eliminated for those who wish to utilize them.

    The Runescape safe-area (Lumbridge Varrock Falador), has been reguarded by the new guards. This is a pity. If you are a player who is less than 60, you have to speak with the guards to quit the safe zone. Fine. Jagex assured players who have more than 60 that their new guards wouldn't cause too much disruption.

    Your avatar will slow as you approach the guards. After a while they'll let you pass, then your avatar will accelerate into a run again. Guards should allow you to pass if you've got 60+ levels.

    I don't care about what others believe. What's the purpose of slowing down our speed and stopping us, and then forcing us to start accelerating again? Everyone who is a top player knows they're leaving their safe zone. The delay is an additional inconvenience that wasn't there before and which serves absolutely zero purpose. The guards also stop the vehicle (another delay) even when you are entering the new safe area.

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