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Ivan will remark that nobody is home

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Ivan will remark that nobody is home еще ничего не опубликовано
Дата начала 08-11-21 - 02:00
Дата окончания 08-12-21 - 04:00
  • Описание

    Ivan Strom, a Cave Goblin scout, will accompany you on the next stage. Speak to Cyreg Paddlehorn at Mort ton. Let him know. Now, cross the bridge like you're going to the Barrows. Once you reach the houses that lie in the north of the Barrows take the easternmost house.

    Ivan will remark that nobody is home. There are shelves, a table as well as two creepy mists. A sink is also found in the room. There is the Rod of Ivandis (2) and an Guthix Balance Potion (2) on the shelves. These are the essentials. Talk with Ivan and you will discover that the Flail they sent has been destroyed and the chest where it was kept is damaged. Then, you will find something interesting in the dining room table. Grab the Strange Object and the mists will appear.

    It's a simple trap! What's the most appealing aspect of this trap? Ah, but these guys are my memories. These are the Juvinates Vanstrom delivered to Burg de Rott with Gadderanks. The two Vampyre Juvinates are much stronger this time around. They're both at levels 87-91 and have the ability of healing themselves if they suffer a loss of 20 percent of their health. The only way to eliminate them is to apply the Rod of Ivandis Special in conjunction with a Guthix Balance Potion. One will die, and the other will become human.

    How did they create these plates? Hmmm, when I trained with Drezel I believe I read about it in a book. It was created from a Guthixian document written by the Saradomists. These were probably corrupted by Drakan. That's how they healed so easily. Let's see if it's possible to get rid of the corruption. What about the man?

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